Welcome to Tyrrellspass Castle...

This major focal point of Tyrrellspass is situated on the west side
of the vill 2000 age, conveniently located in the heart of the midlands
just off the M6 Dublin to Galway route.

Our facilities are available to Corporate Groups, Social Groups,
Private Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Confirmations and First Holy
Communions. Our friendly staff are on hand to make your visit with
us a very special one...

Why not visit us and try for yourself our delicious & fresh homemade food that is locally produced and cooked to the highest of standards, all to be enjoyed in this unique medieval setting...


We are open seven days a week... 

        364 days of the year...

          9.00am - 8.30pm







va - top manele (2010)

va - top manele (2010)
genre: pop, dance | 13 tracks | mp3 320 kbps | 118 mb[/center]


nicolae guta - cum poti sa minti (4:12)
puiu codreanu - in rochie alba de mireasa (4:25)
copilu de aur - nu ma lasa inima (4:10)
denisa - a fost soare au fost ploi (4:04)
dacian de la oradea - viata mea, vai de ea (4:14)
liviu - ochii mei pling iar de fericire (4:09)
narcisa - nu-ti bate joc de mine (4:04)
susanu - sus pe masa urcate (4:46)
andrey de la baia mare - toate fetele ma plac (3:22)
babi minune - te-ai schimbat (3:49)
liviu pustiu - am o pofta de baut (3:20)
cristi dules - ce gagica exploziva (3:50)
denisa feat babi si mr. Juve - nu mai cred in iubire (3:11)

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steve sokol's super abs (2008)

steve sokol%27s super abs (2008)
english | dvdrip | avi | 640 x 480 | 29. Buy download photoshop cs3 online 97 fps | divx 1194 kbps | mp3 128 kbps | 890mb
genre: video training
learn abs from the guy who has performed more abdominal exercise than anyone according to the guinness book of world records. Learn the myths and truths of ab training.
two titles to choose from. Super abs beginner learn the muscles and their functions, how to lose body fat, gain muscle mass and how to perform exercises properly and efficiently. Includes basic workout. Super abs advanced includes advanced exercises using a variety of apparatus. Follow in a brief but killer abdominal routine that is certain to make your midsection stronger in the shortest amount of time.

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the toasted sandwich -of- time-prophet

doc clock: the toasted sandwich -of- time-prophet
year: 2011 | pc game | english | developer: stickmen studios | publisher: stickmen studios | 182mb
genre: indie, casual, adventure

fallen off a cliff? Burning in lava? Just had your latest invention crushed by a frozen polar bear? Avoid all this with doc clock's amazing time slider. Enjoy the first doc clock time travelling adventure! Invent almost anything out of everything you find, from catapults to incredible flying machines. Travel through time as doc clock battles mad, misguided robots to save his beloved cat and invent the perfect toasted sandwich machine.


* build amazing contraptions from scattered objects
* rewind time with the doc's incredible timeslider
* harbour sack's sarcastic wit as he helps the doc on his journey
* complete all the achievements of varying difficulties in order to master the game



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2:37 (2006) dvdrip xvid-aaf

2:37 (2006) dvdrip xvid-aaf
dvdrip xvid-aaf | avi | english | 1h 35min | 576x320 | xvid - 873kbps | mp3 - large integerkbps | 700 mb
genre: drama
imdb info

a contemporary, ensemble drama telling the complex tale of six high school students whose lives are interwoven with situations that so many of today's youth are faced with...


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wasteland angel (2011/multi2/repack by fenixx)

wasteland angel (2011/multi2/repack by fenixx)
year:2011 | pc game | eng rus | developer: octane games | publisher: meridian4 | 857 mb
genre: arcade / 3d

description: the wasteland angel takes place after world war iii, in which the majority of the world was destroyed, and few survived. They live in constant fear of being killed or enslaved by the ruthless gangs, renegades, or horrific mutants.

but amidst all the horror there is one person who travels from town to town in an armored car and destroys anyone who tries to harm the poor - the main character play, which calls itself wasteland angel. Wasteland angel - arcade shooter with a view from above, in which players will drive the car, armed with a machine gun, and destroy waves of enemies for 24 uvroney.