Welcome to Tyrrellspass Castle...

This major focal point of Tyrrellspass is situated on the west side
of the v 2000 illage, conveniently located in the heart of the midlands
just off the M6 Dublin to Galway route.

Our facilities are available to Corporate Groups, Social Groups,
Private Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Confirmations and First Holy
Communions. Our friendly staff are on hand to make your visit with
us a very special one...

Why not visit us and try for yourself our delicious & fresh homemade food that is locally produced and cooked to the highest of standards, all to be enjoyed in this unique medieval setting...


We are open seven days a week... 

        364 days of the year...

          9.00am - 8.30pm











amazing desktop widescreen wallpaper

amazing desktop widescreen wallpaper
jpg | 1600x1200-2560x1600
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turning training into learning: how to design and deliver programs that get results

turning training into learning: how to design and deliver programs that get results by sheila w. outlook 32 bit Furjanic, laurie a. Trotman
amacom | 2000 | isbn: 0814405193 | 318 pages | pdf | 12 mb

training is wasted unless employees really learn. This book makes sure that learning happens--every time.
just as you can lead a horse to water, but it won't necessarily drink, so you can give an employee training, but he may not actually learn... Unless, of course, the trainer uses this insightful new book. Turning training into learning provides a specific, tested method for making sure training equals real learning.

written for anyone who must train others, this step-by-step guide shows exactly how to create a program that engages trainees and ensures that they remember and use what they've learned when they get back to work.

readers learn how to: * analyze exactly what a particular trainee needs * establish a safe environment where questions are welcomed * demonstrate to learners why the training is relevant to them * understand the process by which adults learn * place real learning within the context of the traditional training cycle: assessment, design, delivery, and evaluation.

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armor column - maximum collateral damage (flac) (2011) -neo

armor column - maximum collateral damage (flac) (2011)
eac rip | flac(tracks) - cue - log | cardinal mb | 1 cd | no scans
genre: metal


1. Buy adobe dreamweaver and photoshop cs6 uk Warmonger 4:18
2. With blood and vengeance 4:51
3. Armor column 4:04
4. Where there's a war, there's a way 5:41
5. Dictator's whore 5:47
6. Rattenkrieg 4:52
7. We breahte extinction 5:02
8. adobe illustrator oem software Maximum collateral damage 6:41

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va - trance in motion vol. 68

va - trance in motion vol. 68 | 211 mb
label: 133bpm rec. | genre: trance, vocal trance, progressive
lenght: 92:09 | encoder: lame 3. 98 | quality: 320 kbps
channels: joint stereo / 44 khz


01. Marc 21a1 o v - godd (booty mix)
02. 4 strings feat. Ellie lawson -safe from harm (extended mix)
03. Shipstad & warren - eighty seven years (original mix)
04. Markus schulz - rain (extended mix)
05. Kaddyn palmed feat. Ingrid brown - 4 u (vocal mix)
06. Dash berlin feat. Rowald steyn & nina deli - end of silence (josh gabriel remix)
07. Flash brothers feat. Epiphony - more than you know (ram remix)
08. Dash berlin feat. Idaho - to be the one (cressida remix)
09. Marc simz - forbidden city
10. Phillip alpha - valente (original mix)
11. Fast distance feat. Solnce - come with me (original mix)
12. Walsh & mcauley feat. Cheap adobe illustrator cs5 windows Antonia lucas - i'm only human (original mix)
13. Walsh & mcauley - aestas
14. Sied van riel & gert huinink - sunrise (original mix)
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reallusion iclone v5. 0 pro retail + resourcepack (3d)

reallusion iclone v5. Os x 10.4 dmg 0 pro retail + resourcepack (3d) | 892 mb

iclone - program to create stunning 3d-animation. The program has a ready-made 3d-characters, as well as everything you need to create their virtual living space - clothing, props, scenery. In iclone is also extensive libraries of motions, which can specify characters. But the most interesting features of the program - use pictures of real people for those 3d-characters. It uses patented technology facetrix, takes a picture of bulk (3d).

the program interacts well with the editors of 2d-graphics, so goodbye texture editing, as well as support of 3ds max or maya, by which you can create library items for the characters. All scenes can be visualized in real time based on topography, reflection and transparency. Iclone projects can be taken seriously and used to work, but in a 3d-screensavers, screensavers for mobile phones and dvd with home video, they fit just fine.

- photo-realistic 3d models easily and lugko!
- easy creation of 3d images
- setting up the virtual space, size, body, hair, objects, materials, structures, etc.
- various animation movements, such as walking, dancing, etc.
- synchronizing with music
- support 2d/3d scenes

key features of iclone pro:

production environment
# interactive play-to-create movie directing mode. visual studio 2010 military discount
# complete scene and actor editing mode.
# collapsible user interface and full screen operation.
# scene manager for total project asset list and access.
# in-screen object editing, faster object transformation, multiple select, model copy, and save to library.
# record live footage inside iclone3 as action captures.
# multiple actor selection and management tool.
# new iclone backstage live access allows users to try content interactively inside 3d scenes before you buy.

casting & actor style
* g3 avatar - fast performance and higher quality with fine texture detail. adobe illustrator oem software
* photo-to-3d face fitting for generating custom actors.
* design custom actor faces with facial feature morphing.
* define faces with normal maps and multiple textures for aging and skin texture.
* customizable 3d actor face shape morphing including eyes, teeth and skin color.
* attach parts to clonebone to create any character styles rlt.
* clonecloth - create any custom actor clothing to cut and design.
* persona - apply personality and direct your target actor by live keyboard control (w, s, a, d keys for actor puppeteering).

motion & interactivity
* live puppeteering controls actors and vehicles with hotkeys and right-click action menu.
* multi-actor dialog timeline for actor conversations.
* create 3d talking heads with crazytalk5 talking script files (cts). Adobe illustrator c6 cheap
* select, pose and animate actors with layered motion editing.
* camera and actor follow with look-at constraint.
* dramascript open source for writing actor and object interactivity.
* instant prop interaction with iprop helpers.

props & scenes
* load and customize props, terrain, sky, grass and water.
* automatic real-time flying surface simulation with flex technology.
* water features ripple movement with reflection and refraction.
* landscape designer adds trees, flowers, plants and grass to any terrain. buy powerpoint online
* iclone3 atmosphere can be made with 3d scene, sky, light, fog and weather particle settings.
* load 2d photos as image layers and backgrounds.

camera & lighting
* add multiple cameras to scenes with live view switching.
* live camera recording using fly, walk and follow cameras with videogame-like hotkey and mouse-look interaction.
* real-time advanced camera effects including depth of field and lens animation.
* camera keyframe smoothing for automatic camera correction.
* lighting system with directional, point and spotlight.
* quick track editing for cameras, lights and their attributes.

special effects
* particle system special effects for fog, fire, smoke and more.
* actor and object particle system linkage for attached effects. adobe illustrator oem software
* material effects for glow, reflection, bump, opacity, specular, normal and diffuse.
* advanced material effects - reflection & refraction.
* instantly spice up your movie with music and soundfx tracks.
* audio blending with fade in, fade out, and volume settings.

rendering & output
* multiple shader selection for performance enhancing preview options.
* real-time preview, in and out markers and playback looping.
* select and render previewing for isolated area rendering.
* high speed rendering for fast footage production.
* flexible output for sharing or post-production (hd & dvd video, avi, wmv, flash, mpeg-4).
* 3. 1 new export the iwidget avatar with transparent background and share it with the widgetme service.
* export your creation as a flash-based widget and publish it to social sites or personal home page.